For Health and Balance

For Health and Balance

For Health and Balance is all about wellness. Wellness of the mind (intellectual),

body (physically), and spirit (emotional). It also includes the health of your business

or business ideas.

Where you are now is the result of many decisions you have made. But many people

are not happy with where they are.

Symptoms of imbalance in your life:

>Boredom or excessive tiredness

>Mediocre results in business

>Weight gain

>Un-diagnosable aches or pains

>Anxiety over finances


>Stress from working too much

>Sadness or malaise with life

>Eating disorders

>Feeling overwhelmed

Don’t suffer alone anymore. Call For Health and Balance. We have a mission to help as many people as possible to find the simple (although not always easy) path to getting what you want. Regardless of your situation, you can find relief here at For Health and Balance. 703.450.6114

Better Health:

A 1% change each week can add up to a long life of health.
Health and Balance

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